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Which style of loft conversion is right for you?

Which style of loft conversion is right for you?

When it comes to converting a loft into usable space, an array of options are available to consider in order to best suit the needs of the home. With various regulations, safety requirements, and the structure of the roof to consider, building or construction professionals must choose the right style of conversion for their clients. In this guide, we provide a comprehensive overview of the different loft conversion styles to help inform builders and construction teams of the options available.


There are a few key things to consider when opting for a loft conversion; these include the height of your ceilings, the type of roof, and the amount of natural light that enters the space. All of these factors will play a role in dictating which style of loft conversion will be most suitable.


Dormer conversions are a popular choice and are often seen as the best option when it comes to increasing headroom and floor space. By extending outwards and upwards from the roof, dormers provide a stylish and practical solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of the homeowner. One of the main benefits of a dormer conversion is the increased amount of natural light that is brought into the room; however, it is worth noting that dormers can be more expensive than other types of loft conversion due to the amount of work involved.


A Velux conversion is a good option if you are working with a limited budget and do not require a great deal of extra space or headroom. This type of loft conversion makes use of existing roof space and does not involve any significant structural changes, meaning it can be completed relatively quickly and without a lot of disruption. An important thing to remember when opting for a Velux conversion is that the amount of headroom and natural light will be limited in comparison to other types of loft conversion.


A Mansard conversion is a good choice if you are looking to create a significant amount of extra space and headroom. This type of conversion involves extending the roof outwards and downwards at a steep angle, creating dramatic pitched ceilings and plenty of floor space. Mansard conversions are often more expensive than other types of conversion due to the amount of work involved; however, they can add a significant amount of value to your home.


If you are looking to create a luxurious and spacious penthouse-style apartment, a loft conversion is a perfect solution. This type of conversion involves extending the roof outwards on all sides, creating a large and airy space with plenty of headroom. Penthouse conversions are usually the most expensive type of loft conversion; however, they can add a significant amount of value to your home.

Loft Conversion Companies in Surrey

As you can see, there are a number of different types of a loft conversion to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. It is important to consider the specific needs of your home before opting for a particular type of conversion. If you are working with a limited budget, a Velux conversion may be the best option; if you are looking to create a significant amount of extra space, a Mansard or Penthouse conversion may be more suitable.

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What are some things to consider before hiring a loft conversion company?

When it comes to investing in a loft conversion, it’s important to think about more than just aesthetics. In order to ensure a successful, satisfying project, it is essential to research potential companies and consider their experience, price, and customer reviews. Here in London, there are plenty of Loft Conversion Companies in London to choose from, and finding the right one for your project can be a difficult task. To help with that, we have put together a guide on the main things to consider when looking for the ideal builder to work on your loft space.

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a loft conversion company is their experience. This is particularly relevant if you have a tricky or unique space that will require specialized knowledge and expertise. To get a sense of a company’s experience, take a look at its website and social media platforms – do they have plenty of examples of previous projects? Are the before and after photos impressive? You can also read customer reviews to see what others have had to say about the quality of their work.

It’s also important to think about price when choosing a loft conversion company. Get a few quotes from different builders and compare the prices, taking into account the quality of their work and their level of experience. It’s important to remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best and that you might end up paying more in the long run if you choose a company that cut corners or didn’t do a good job.

Finally, customer reviews are a great way to get a sense of what it’s like to work with a particular company. Take a look at online review platforms such as Google and Trustpilot, and see what others have said about their experience. Make sure to read both the positive and negative reviews to get a well-rounded idea of what the company is like to work with.

Choosing the right Loft Conversion Specialist in London is essential to ensuring a successful, stress-free project. By taking the time to research your options and consider important factors such as experience, price, and customer reviews, you can be sure to find the right builder for your needs.

In conclusion, loft conversions can be a great way to add additional living space to your home.

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All You Need to Know About Loft Conversion Specialist & Services

Your family is expanding, and you may consider selling your current home and purchasing a larger one. Alternately, home additions can be built onto the side or back of the house, providing more living space as long as they are built within the allowed footprint. Alternatively, you could make more room without compromising on the building’s outward look or increasing the price. If you have an attic or loft in your home, you can put that space to good use by hiring a Loft Conversion Specialist in London.

There are many advantages to loft conversions

  • If you want to avoid the hassle of acquiring permissions, a loft is a good option because it is flexible and offers more space than house additions, which are limited by building restrictions to within specified limits.
  • Lofts have the capability of reducing noise.
  • The loft is perfect if you have energetic kids because they can make as much noise as they want without bothering folks on the lower floors.

It’s possible that adding on to your home with an addition won’t break the bank.

These few things that need consideration:

  • Examining the current joists and beams to see if they are strong enough to support the added weight of the conversion.
  • Verify that there is enough usable space: the living area needs to have adequate headroom and access via a stair extension.
  • Think about the water supply, plumbing, ventilation, and heating system you already have in place, and how that might be affected by the loft conversion.
  • It is worthwhile to get designs authorized if approval is required where you reside even if planning permission is not required.
  • You should think about the loft’s present roof structure and how much it will cost to make changes in order to turn it into a functional room.
  • It’s important to give stairs plenty of thought to ensure they’re simple to use.
  • The next best thing is to rely on natural lighting and airflow.
  • Then, think about what kind of flooring you want for the loft, as well as whether or not you want a bathroom.
    Natural or synthetic hardwood is recommended.
  • The quality of the insulation is also crucial.
    Insulation of the roof, walls, and floor is necessary to keep warm air in and outside noise out.

Another crucial consideration, particularly for wooden structures, is fire safety.

Fix your budget

In order to get an accurate quote, you need to be specific about your needs and communicate those needs to a Loft Conversion Companies in London.